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A variety of media and resources are used during courses and presentations:
booklets for private use, flyers, flip chart graphs, PowerPoint presentations, videos, photos, and posters.  For hands-on workshops, all material is provided.


Whether you are a teacher looking to update your first aid certification, a coach wanting to refresh your CPR certification or a parent wanting to learn about first aid measures in case your child has an illness or an injury, HEALTHY AND SAFE AWAY FROM HOME makes every effort to offer the first aid course you are looking for.

Basic First Aid
Basic First Aid
Our 12-hour course consists oft two parts: an 8-hour first aid session and a 4-hour BLS session. Both sessions are highly interactive incorporating practical skills training and different media including video clips and audio files.
Basic First Aid
First Aid on Children
is one of my focus areas. It teaches participants all they need to know to help an injured or ill child, from babies to pre-teenagers, whether it's your own child, your grand-child or a child in your care.
Basic First Aid
First Aid for the Swiss Driver’s License
, this mandatory course is the first step towards the Swiss driving license if you are a first-time driver or if you cannot transfer your license. The course is fully accredited by the Swiss authorities and valid throughout all of
Basic First Aid
Basic Life Support (CPR)
courses teach participants the basic skills of CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED) for adults and children and how to recognise and manage a choking incident.
Basic First Aid
Specialised First Aid
I offer a number of specialised first aid courses focussing on the specific needs of customers, such as Diabetes and Anaphylaxis training. All courses can be customised to a group’s needs and existing knowledge and skill level.
Basic First Aid
Babysitting Courses
introduce teenagers to a basic understanding of child development and behaviour from infants to school-age children, safety guidelines and basic first aid procedures including managing a choking emergency.
Basic First Aid
Health Workshops
want to give participants the knowledge how to treat daily ailments with „gentle remedies“ but also teach them when they have to seek professional medical advice. I also offer practical workshops on compresses and poultices.
Basic First Aid
Awareness Presentations
give participants a basic understanding of common health issues to raise awareness and understanding as part of a prevention programme and are of particular interest for corporations and organisations.