Babysitting course

Teenagers interested in babysitting require a basic knowledge of babysitting etiquette and lifesaving first aid skills. This course introduces teenagers to safety guidelines, a basic understanding of child development, behaviour of children from infancy to school age and first aid procedures.

The course uses a combination of hands-on activities, skills training, discussions, brainstorming sessions and videos. During brainstorming sessions participants will establish good babysitting etiquette, learn household rules and hygiene requirements and how to make good decisions when responsible for younger children.

By the end of the course, students will be able to look after a child in relation to the child’s age, know safety hazard for themselves and the child in their care and how to avoid them. During the course, students will be responsible for taking care of their personal baby doll, practising feeding, bathing and changing diapers. Teenagers will work with baby-care dolls, specially developed for training purposes to practice handling infants and every-day skills when dealing with infants and toddlers, including changing diapers and bathing an infant.

Upon completion of the first aid component of the course, students will be able to recognise and a variety of emergencies, including unconsciousness, epileptic seizures, severe allergic reactions and an introduction to CPR. They will know how to react, call for help and how to apply basic first aid measures until further help arrives.

The course based on the BLAST (Babysitting Lessons and Safety Training) programme of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Babysitting programme by the American Red Cross and adjusted to the needs of babysitters in Switzerland and Europe.

At the end of the course certificates are handed out upon successful completion of a written and practical assignments.

Included in the course fee are a babysitting, first aid and activity handout, a small first aid kit and a babysitting bag.

Duration: 10 hours over two days