Awareness Presentations

Heart attack & stroke awareness

Cardiovascular disease or heart disease is the overall title for problems with the heart and the blood vessels (arteries and veins); it includes coronary heart disease, heart attack and stroke (cerebrovascular accident), conditions that can be caused by arteriosclerosis. Other conditions include arrhythmias (irregular heart beat) and congestive heart failure.

Research has shown that few risk factors have the largest impact on heart attacks and strokes. These risk factors contribute to the development of arteriosclerosis and heart disease and can be split into two categories: modifiable risk factors on which a healthy life style may have a positive impact on, and non-modifiable risk factors, such as age, gender or family history.

In many countries, cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death. In Switzerland, approximately 10,000 people die of Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD), defined as unexpected death due to cardiac problems within one hour of the onset of symptoms, in the US between 300,000 and 400,000 are affected.

HEALTHY AND SAFE AWAY FROM HOME offers this presentation as part of its awareness programme, making the audience aware of risk factors and possibilities to limit these and at the same time raising awareness to symptoms of conditions like a heart attack and stroke and the appropriate first aid measures.

In this presentation, you will learn

  • about risk factors contributing to heart attack and stroke
  • symptoms of cardiovascular disease and stroke
  • how a healthy life style can reduce your risk of a heart attack
  • about women and heart attack
  • how to assess your personal heart attack risk
  • first aid measures

Duration: 2 hours, CPR may be added upon request

Epilepsy awareness

Epilepsy is an illness affecting approximately 70,000 people in Switzerland (of which around 15,000 are children).. Two-thirds of these cases can be treated with anti-convulsive medications.

To this day, there are still many preconceptions about epilepsy. The goal of epilepsy awareness raising organisations and presentations is for the public to understand what epilepsy is and how it can affect people’s lives and at the same time showing that epilepsy is NOT a mental illness or a sign of low intelligence.

I strongly believe it is important to make those around us aware of epilepsy, an illness affecting more than 50 millions people worldwide.

The aim of this 2-hour presentation is to give an overview of epilepsy

  • how to recognise a seizure or convulsion
  • different types of epilepsy and triggers
  • brief overview of diagnostic investigations
  • brief overview of treatment
  • get an understanding how epilepsy impacts a person’s life
  • first aid procedures for seizures

Duration: 2 hours