Corporate Services

Every year approx. 270,000 employees are injured or suffer an accident during work in Switzerland, of which more than 155,000 occur within the service-providing and office sector, causing costs amounting to CHF 4,000 million per year.

HEALTHY AND SAFE AWAY FROM HOME offers a variety first aid courses for corporations, non-profit organisations, corporations and other business environments.

First Aid at Work courses are designed for the anticipated risks of a particular work environment and include BLS and basic AED training and can be customised. It is recommended to have at least one employee adequately trained to administer first aid in the case of an emergency before the arrival of professional help.

HEALTHY AND SAFE AWAY FROM HOME is the only provider in Switzerland offering HSE (Health and Safety Executive, UK) accredited First Aid at Work and Emergency First Aid at Work courses (equivalent to the Swiss “Betriebssanitäter”) in Switzerland.


First Aid, BLS AED workshops and Awareness presentations are excellent ways to be incorporated into a company’s health and safety programme and can be used as a team-building activity, or as part of professional development.

HEALTHY AND SAFE AWAY FROM HOME helps planning your event!

Your team has to be prepared for the specific condition of a colleague? Diabetes, epilepsy, severe allergies (anaphylactic reaction), angina pectoris? HEALTHY AND SAFE AWAY FROM HOME customises briefing sessions for your team!