First Aid Myths & Fairytales

Wouldn’t it be reassuring to know what to do in case of those small everyday accidents and mishaps? And knowing how to help yourself and others?

Unfortunately, there are still numerous first aid myths and fairytales, many of which even worsen the situation.

I introduce you to the most common first aid mistakes and explain what to do instead of these myths and fairytales:

  • Butter on burns
  • Bleeding: elevate the body part and apply a tourniquet
  • Nosebleeds: head back
  • Poisoning: induce vomiting if a “poison” has been swallowed
  • Suck out the poison from insect and snake bites
  • Place a spoon in the mouth of someone having an epileptic seizure
  • Remove ticks with flour or alcohol or burn them off

The course fee is CHF 35 per person, payable via Paypal, bank transfer or Twint.

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

LIVE ONLINE Workshop: 19 until 20 o'clock

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