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58% of Parents Overweighed

Physical activity is low on parents’ priority list and the consequences are shocking: 58% of parents in Germany are overweighed or even obese. Especially dads are especially bad role models: the survey by the AOK health insurance showed that 72% …

Remain Loyal to Your Doctor – Live Longer

A recent study by researchers in Exeter and published in the BMJ Open evaluated data of over 1 million patients. The results are interesting: staying loyal to your doctor instead of continuously switching in the search of the “perfect” doctor, …

Abdelhak Nouri

It took them a year to admit that the medical care provided on the field was inadequate. The consequences for then 20-year old Abdelhak Nouri were catastrophic: two days after being resuscitated during a test match in 2017, neurologists declared …

China Overtakes US in Healthy Life Expectancy

A baby born in China today, is looking at a longer healthy life time than a baby born in the US. This is the shocking result of new evaluations by the WHO: for the first time, the order of these …

Losing Trust in Modern Medicine

The health, wellness and nutrition industry are all suffering from an invasion of pseudoscience. Thank you Sandra Mikhail from Nutrition A-Z for interviewing me on the important, if often frustrating, topic of pseudoscience versus evidence-based recommendations.

Health Guide to Switzerland

Do you understand the Swiss healthcare system? Do you know your rights and responsibilities as a patient? The Health Guide to Switzerland published by the Swiss Red Cross will answer many of your questions, and in many different languages. Whether …

Pedestrian Safety on Zebra Crossings

Safety on zebra crossings is a topic of increasing importance. Pedestrians don’t just get hit on highly frequented crossings in larger cities but another risk area are smaller towns and villages on main roads (Kantonsstrassen). Especially the elderly are at …

Is Gluten-free Healthier?

Is there really a downside to going gluten-free if you are healthy? Read this article in the NY Times for a view that I am happy to share.

CPR Training Does More Than Just Save Lives

I am not very good at writing and sometimes I regret that lack. But then there are people like Christine Rosen, who have that talent and put into words what I think and eleven in when it comes to CPR.

Failure is Good

Not only as adults, but failure is an important part of growing up for our children: they need to experience and learn from their own failures. They don’t need overprotective parents to deprive them of such an important lesson and …